Creativity Notebook Prompt #2

What activities do you currently participate in a daily basis? Try to itemize what you do on both the typical week day and the typical weekend day. What are all the activities that you wish you could do more of that might not be included on your existing list? Okay, so I’m currently jobless, so my week days and my weekends look pretty much the same. In my morning, I typically wake up, write down the dreams I can remember, read over affirmations in my journal for the day, do a sun salutation, and spend 10-15 minutes meditating. Then, I … Continue reading Creativity Notebook Prompt #2

Creativity Notebook Prompt #1

So, I started this creativity workshop taught by writer Elizabeth Gilbert and the first assignment is respond to a prompt in writing for 20 minutes. Forgive me if I bore you. Here goes nothin’. What did you love to do most of all when you were 8 years old? My memory may fail me. I can’t quite remember what I loved doing, but I can remember what I did do. Maybe those are the same things. I would run around outside in the yard and play. I’d play with my sister and we would jump on the trampoline or run … Continue reading Creativity Notebook Prompt #1