Statement of purpose

Salutations! Let me start by saying that I’m new to the blogosphere. I’ve never subscribed to a blog nor had the tiniest inkling that I would ever even want to write a blog. I’m adverse to staring into a computer screen for countless hours, and I hate being glued to my phone. However, in my endless quest to expand my experiences, I have decided a blog would be a great way to develop my writing. I’ve journaled for a number of years and have countless stacks of journals on my bookshelf. I have a journal for everything, dreams, daily life, story ideas, you name it. In an effort to save paper and shelf space, I’ve started this blog, and through this project I hope to hone my writing skills as well as try to piece together parts of my everyday experience to try to make sense of this infinite universe of possibility in which I exist. I have not limited myself to a single theme or motif. Posts will range from pictures of what I’m eating for dinner to the existential and thought-provoking. I might just throw in a short story or poem or two if I’m feeling ambitious. Some posts may be a little off-kilter compared to other blogs, but I make no apologies. I’m excited to bring my thoughts and ideas to a more public platform so I can better systematize them into a coherent package and, in turn, more adequately understand myself. I hope that by blogging I can remember to live purposefully day-to-day. I promise to always write what I would want to read and thus be somewhat interesting. I’m eager to embark on this adventure and to share it with you, reader! So stay tuned for more if you so wish.

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