Creativity Notebook Prompt #2

  • What activities do you currently participate in a daily basis? Try to itemize what you do on both the typical week day and the typical weekend day.
  • What are all the activities that you wish you could do more of that might not be included on your existing list?

Okay, so I’m currently jobless, so my week days and my weekends look pretty much the same. In my morning, I typically wake up, write down the dreams I can remember, read over affirmations in my journal for the day, do a sun salutation, and spend 10-15 minutes meditating. Then, I catch up on text messages and emails before I eat a light breakfast and head to the gym (it’s too hot to run outside). After the gym, I’ll shower, make some coffee, and then start studying. Studying takes up most of my day. I’ll usually study for 45 minutes and then take a 10-15 minute break, and I’ll do this for about 5 hours or as long as it takes me to get at least two chapters through the text. It’s usually dinner time by the time by the time I’m finished studying, so I’ll make dinner, or if it’s Steven’s turn he will make dinner. We eat, and then we’ll read for a bit and work on our writing until we get tired. Then, we go to sleep, wake up, and do it all over again! Some days we’ll have dinner with friends and go to the pool for a couple hours. And other days we just stay in a watch a movie. Unfortunately, it’s too hot to do any outdoorsy stuff lately. There are a few miscellaneous things here and there, like cleaning or grocery shopping ot running errands that don’t necessarily happen every day.

I wish I had more time for more creative pursuits, but I can never just concentrate on one thing. I want to do more painting, more writing, more photography, more hiking, more camping, more traveling , and more crafting. MORE COWBELL!


Working out, Writing, Reading, Cooking, Yoga, Mediation, Painting, Photography, Hiking, Camping, Traveling, Crafting


Currently jobless, but studying is a job right now in and of itself


·         Trying to get into physician assistant school so that can be my career!

·         Student may be a perpetual “career” for me


·       #1 is  Writing

·       Then:  Reading, Meditating, Traveling

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