Hi, I’m Callie. I came up with the idea for That Crunchy Girl after moving from the northeastern United States to the southwest to attend graduate school. Having just moved from the ultra-liberal crunchy granola town Ithaca, NY to a city that is quite literally the opposite when it comes to ideals, let’s just say people noticed I was a bit… different. In graduate school I became known to others as one of “the granolas.” I fully embraced this nickname, because I’ll admit, like granola I’m a little crunchy. I was inspired to create this blog to figure out what it means to be a crunchy girl in an un-crunchy world through exploring topics such as sustainability, eco-consumerism, conservation, mindfulness, creativity, travel, and spirituality. I hope to inspire others to embrace their inner Crunchy Girl and to travel this journey with me.

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